The new Tesla could be favourite with the mother-in-laws

Tesla model SAs an alternative powered vehicle is not primarily exciting because of it's drive train, that's at least interesting. The touchscreen dashboard of Tesla S sets the control into a new dimension – the only question is if they hadn' overshot the mark...

Tesla model STesla model S

It's extraordinarily spectacular, extremely attractive and beside all of these – or because all of these – according to certain criticals it's just already dangerous. The innovative dashboard of the clearly electric Tesla S model introduced as the hit of the summer was a too great success which seems to be a scheduled evolutionary milestone, tending paralell with the development trend bending from the keyboard-oriented PCs to the tablets. Though we would be unfair if we would only emphasize the worries of the commentators on web. There are also opinions according to which there is no other sedan like this in the world – and the commentator who wrote this, has travelled in it, moreover, he has driven it. Let's see the details.

Tesla model S touch screen

If we sit in a new car, our glance falls logically on the dashboard, after the steering wheel this area lays primarily in our hands. Well, in case of the Tesla S, which seems to be as a conventional sedan, but is either racing in the luxury category, in a classical sense there's no dashboard: neither switches, buttons, things, nor ligthning LEDs, pointers and other displays. There is a 12,3" monitor behind the steering wheel instead of these– this is not a great show yet, more and more vehicles are equipped with such a device. The surprising detail is on the middle console which is practically a single big – 17" – touchscreen, divided in half. Numerous functions from the sunroof through the regenerative brake system can be controlled from here in the same way like the navigation system signalling the parking places. We can surf on the internet, make phone calls, and of course the music may sound, the cool wind may blow, we are getting the feedbacks about the energy consumption, we can see the picture of the camera assisting the reversing, and the parking on an extra surface. We've got here everything. According to the criticals the advantage of the system is the same like it might it's disadvantage be. Undoubtedly we have to learn to use this „toy", because for the driver the most important visual information used to be come through the windscreen.

Tesla model S touch screenTesla model S touch screen

However if only this would be the extra science in the vehicle coming right now on scene, then it wouldn't be called Tesla. But it is. So we get such a five seater of which low centre of gravity matches with the features of the sportcars, additionally it has a 4,4 second acceleration to hundred, with the expected mute engine operation, added to this with a plenty 400kms range, which is – so far – above the average in this category. The already mentioned regenerative brake system is given, which starts up in case of releasing the accelerator with the discreet braking, so with the energy production gained from the turning of the wheels, endowing the vehicle a specific driving dynamics. Even not to tell that the datas of the giantic displays are provided by lots of low energy consumption chips.

Tesla model S

According to the manufacturer they will – they would like to – sell 20000 pieces in 2013. It may be a pleasure to drive it, but we would even choose the „mother-in-law seat".

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