So w-i-ll be the e - BMWs

BMW i3, i8This is not the first alternative powered solution from the German car factory, but the i – series having two members so far are specially focusing on the electric operation.

BMW i3, i8

In course of this year's autumn will be the two new concept cars of BMW named the i3 and i8 introduced in numerous points of the world which seem definetly as mature for production, so it's particularly worth to look at them closely.

BMW i history

The i3 filling the role of the little brother is basically fully electric powered, and expressly made for city usage. Certainly according to the factory datas the 225 km range makes it possible to cherish more courageous plans than this, but the engineers consider the 160 km value as realistic based on the traditional driving habits. This is abundantly enough for the daily urban transport, even satisfying the demands of the suburban mobility. The soul of the vehicle, the battery was placed in the middle below, protecting it with more elements against the damages caused by the possible crashes. The 170 HP strong electric engine would also make the car able to reach the top speed of 150 km/h, if the electronics didn’t regulate – by doing so at that a high speed the breath would run out of the i3 quite immediately.

BMW i3 LifeDrive ArchitectureBMW i3BMW i3

Not doing so in case of it's elder brother: the i8 is a four – seated sportscar which was designed for high tempo and longer range at all. And also for low consumption: the grasshopper having the drive conception of that belonging to the category of plug – ion hybrids does 2,7 litres per 100 km. Certainly with a big foot this value can be easily doubled, particulary if we want to put the acceleration to the test. It's not chanceless that we reach from standing the 100 km/h speed in 5 seconds, but this won't be the most economical operation status. The electronics of the i8 regulates only at the speed of 250 km/h, but exactly that engine works here also as the one it does in the i3, but only complemented with a 220 HP strong petrol engine. The performance of the battery is in this case much more discrete, but we're able to drive even so roughly 35 km in fully electric operation.

BMW i8 LifeDrive ArchitectureBMW i8BMW i8

We could consult also this time about the design for a long, but the main point can be summarized shortly too: such, finely futuristic effecting, but still bravely using the characteristics of the brand, bodies are winking at us from the pictures, about which we bravely believe that we're going to see them in front of our noses, on the streets. The BMW promises the i3 for 2013, the i8 for 2014.

BMW i8 logo

You'd need it, what? But which one?

BMW i3 topBMW i8 topBMW i3BMW i8BMW i app iPhoneBMW i8

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